1924 Aug 3 Corel McGee Reunion

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Welcome to my site dedicated to all descendants of William Corel and Rebecca Oney, past and present, as well as anyone who may be interested in the Corel family stories. William and Rebecca were married on June 6, 1811 in Tazewell County, Virginia. The above photo was originally taken on August 3, 1924 at Swope Park, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri at the Second Annual Corel-McGee Picnic. Three of William and Rebecca’s children married siblings from the McGee Family.

If you click here, you will be taken to the full sized image. This photo was merged from three separate photos, so the full sized version may be a bit overwhelming and as it is from a copy, it is not very good for printing. Some of the names are written on the individuals in the photo. I do have some names of individuals who are not marked, and will post that at a later time.

Variations of the Same Name

This section has been added with great thanks to Bobby Dobbins Title. It is important for others out there to be aware that even the slightly different spellings are one and the same. From things I have heard, it is believed that William did not know how to spell his name. That is quite possible, as it was not uncommon to be illiterate in that time. From what I have noticed, it seems the children just decided how they would spell the name and that tradition has been carried down to our present generations.

  • Care *
  • Carel
  • Carl
  • Carles *
  • Carll *
  • Carol *
  • Carrel
  • Carrell
  • Carroll *
  • Cassell
  • Coral *
  • Corel *
  • Corell
  • Corl *
  • Correl
  • Correll *
  • Curl *
  • Curle

The names marked with a * were all found by Bobby Dobbins Title on one index for testimony given in the 1850s during the investigation of the Kansas Troubles. As you can see, even if someone did know how to spell their name, the person recording the names may not know how to spell it. This leads to several variations of the Corel name.

Special Acknowledgements

Much of the information you will find on these pages has been obtained from other genealogists. Among them are Bobby Dobbins Title, Diane Carter, Gene Dixon, Leonard Myers, Teresa Martin Klaiber, and Connie Bishop. Without their years worth of research, I would not be able to have so much content for so many of the descendants.

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank all of the Corel descendants and the many Friends of Corel Cousins. Without all of you, there would be no story to tell!

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