Margaret Corel and Joshua Puckett

Margaret Corel was born about 1820.

John Newton Harmon, Sr.’s 1922 Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia from 1800 to 1922 in two volumes, Volume 1, Chapter IV – Laws concerning marriage; Copy of marriage records from 1800 to 1852-3 shows a marriage entry of Margaret and Joshua in Tazewell County, Virginia on November 26, 1842 by William Henkel.

Margaret Corel Puckett and her family did not travel west to Missouri with her parents. In 1850 the young family is found in Johnson County, Kentucky. By 1855, perhaps about the same time that Louisa Corel and William Puckett moved to Kansas in 1854, Margaret Corel and Joshua Puckett are living in Douglas County, Kansas.

Margaret Corel Puckett died before 1860 in Douglas County, Kansas.

In the 1860 Census, Joshua Puckett is shown in Wyandotte County, Kansas (as Joshua ‘Bucket’) with Elizabeth age 26, Rebecca age 18, Sally age 12, and Lizze age six months. Also listed are Johnson Spence age 22 and George Achez (?) age 42.


  1. Rebecca Ann was born July 30, 1842 in Virginia.
  2. Olivia was born about 1844 in Virginia.
  3. Jemima was born about 1846 in Virginia. Jemima died before the 1855 Kansas Territorial Census.
  4. Nancy C. was born about 1847 in Virginia.
  5. Sarah was born in 1850 in Kentucky.
  6. Willie died as a child.