Louisa Corel was born March 22, 1825.

Louisa Corel and William Puckett

John Newton Harmon, Sr.’s 1922 Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia from 1800 to 1922 in two volumes, Volume 1, Chapter IV – Laws concerning marriage; Copy of marriage records from 1800 to 1852-3 states that William Puckett and ‘Luvicey Curl’ were married in Tazewell County, Virginia on December 18, 1842 by William Henkel. Louisa often went by her nickname “Vichy”, which explains the unusual name in this record.

Louisa Corel and William Puckett settled in Kentucky about the time that most of the Corel family traveled to Missouri. By the time that their ninth child was born in 1858, they had been living in Wyandotte County, Kansas for two years. The couple’s five youngest children were born in Wyandotte County and in 1871 they moved to Wilson County, Kansas.

William Puckett died in Wilson County on April 8, 1887 and Louisa Corel Puckett remarried June 15, 1896 to A.J. Roe. By 1900 and for the remainder of her life, Louisa lived in Woodson County, Kansas. Louisa died February 9, 1913 in Belmont Township, Woodson, County, Kansas.


  1. Henry was born about 1844.
  2. Joshua J. was born June 20, 1845 in Kentucky.
  3. Emeline was born about 1848.
  4. John Calvin was born March 11, 1849.
  5. Rebecca was born about 1852.
  6. Louis B. was born about 1853.
  7. Charles Jonathan was born March 22, 1854 in Martin County, Kentucky.
  8. Nancy was born about 1856.
  9. William Corel was born March 20, 1858 in Wyandotte County, Kansas.
  10. Oliver Franklin was born December 15, 1861 in Wyandotte County, Kansas.
  11. Louisa was born about 1863 in Wyandotte County, Kansas.
  12. James Sherman was born about 1865 in Wyandotte County, Kansas.
  13. Robert was born July 8, 1867 in Wyandotte County, Kansas.