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School Project

So I received a message this week that my 7-year-old nephew had a school project and needed to know an ancestor who had immigrated to the US.  I can bet that my sister did not expect me to give her a list of nearly 40 ancestors for her son dating back to the 1600s!  Once I had completed that little project, I was still feeling that genealogy itch, and since I’ve let my subscription to Ancestry.com expire, I decided to play with the website a bit.  I cancelled the subscription for multiple reasons, yes, it is quite expensive, but too many times when I start researching, my ADD kicks in and I get lost in the research I’m doing.  Without having that rabbit hole to jump down into, and this genealogy bug getting to me, I may actually get somewhere with this site (at least until the next squirrel comes along to distract me!).

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Justice Family

The ancestry of the Justice family is nearly as elusive as our own Corel ancestors.  Also like the Corel’s, the Justice’s do have some interesting lines merged with them.  The earliest information I could find on the Justice name is just one generation before William Justice married Cosby Jane Corel.  After some additional digging, I have seen where it is believed that the father of Alfred Justice (grandfather to William Justice) may be a Julius “J.A.” Justice or a William Justice.  It is also believed that Alfred may have been born in Warren County, North Carolina or Robertson County, Tennessee.

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Happy Easter

First and foremost, I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

I have done a lot of work on the site this week, but unfortunately, my update does not show it! I have lost about 3 days of work, but not to a computer error. I decided I didn’t like the changes I had made, so yesterday morning I scrapped it all and downloaded what I had online and started over! I am proud of how much I accomplished in the past 24 hours, tho!

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