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Children of Henry Jefferson Spence, Part 1

So I’ve only gotten partially through my latest goal of getting through Jemima‘s descendants. In fact, I’ve only gotten halfway through the children of Henry Jefferson Spence before getting stuck on child number 6, Millard Melvin Spence and descendants for the last week.  I tend to get stuck like this when there is just enough information to keep me digging trying to figure out just what happened to a family.  I think I am about ready to accept what I have and finish this family’s section, but knowing that there are 4 more children for Henry Jefferson Spence, I also wanted to at least post that I am still here and still working to get all of Jemima‘s descendants documented!

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McGlothlin Family

David and Robert Emmitt McGlothlin may or may not be connected to John McLaughlin and Judith Leathers, but so much research has been done in an attempt to prove or disprove a connection, which I am unable to do either, I thought it might be beneficial for some if I posted the information I had found.

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