George B. Peart

George B. Peart was born to William B. and Mary Alice Brown Peart October 1882 in Kansas, perhaps while visiting family, as William and Mary Alice had already begun a life in Colorado by the time George was born. George B. Peart can be found living in Reno Ward 3, Washoe, Nevada, but I have had a difficult time finding much else on George’s life.

I did find, however, that he married Louisa May Brown, born January 1, 1885 in Nebraska, and that they had three children.

  1. William Grant Peart was born in 1917 and died on June 10, 1933 in Santa Clara, California.
  2. Mary F. Peart was born September 10, 1919 in Imperial, California.  She married into the Law family between the 1940 census and her death in October 31, 1952.  According to one Peart descendant, the cause of death was a brain tumor.

George B. Peart died April 15, 1948 in Santa Clara, California. Not long after, Mary F. Peart Law died October 31, 1952 in San Luis Obispo, California. John Valentine Law died March 18, 1992 in Riverside, California.