Matney Family

The first thing that should be noted on the Matney family is that there are several variations of the name throughout the years.  These variations include, but are not limited to: Mathney, Mattingley, Matteinlee, Mattony, Mattany, Mattenlee, Mattingly, and Matney.

Before delving into the Matney family, I should point out that there are conflicting theories of the parentage of Brooks Matney, the father of Nancy Matney who married Henry Highland Corel.  On this site, I have chosen to follow the theory that Brooks Matney is the son of Walter Matney and Mary “Polly” Unknown.  I do, however, believe that Walter Matney did have a brother, William C. Matney, who married Jane Brooks and that they also had a son named Brooks Matney.  I do not believe that the son of William and Jane is the same Brooks Matney who married Jane Young, but this is always a possibility.