James Alexander Dobbins and Elizabeth Perkins

While still living in Clermont County, Ohio, James A. and Elizabeth Perkins Dobbins started their family.

  1. Robert Gaston was born in 1828.
  2. Paulina Jane was born in 1829.
  3. Elizabeth Caroline was born in 1831, and
  4. James Sellers Dobbins was born in 1836 in Fulton County, Illinois.

Robert B. Dobbins baptized his grandson, “James Cellars Dobbins,” February 12, 1837 according to the records of the session meetings of the early Bennington Church. October of the same year shows that James A. and “Eliza” received Certificates of Dismission, and on June 13, 1841 the family returned to the Bennington Church and was received as members.

James Alexander Dobbins’ mother, Katy Alexander, died in 1849 and was laid to rest in the Dobbins Cemetery in Vermont Township, Fulton County, Illinois. Two years later, James A. and Elizabeth’s oldest son, Robert Gaston died after a short illness. Then, in 1854 Robert B. passed away and was buried with his wife. The families of all of their children, except for James Alexander, can also be found in the Dobbins Cemetery.

James A. and Elizabeth Perkins Dobbins, along with their children, Paulina Jane Dobbins Sperry and her husband Levi Sperry, Elizabeth Caroline Dobbins Kinsey, and James Sellers Dobbins, left the Bennington Church once more in 1856. According to Andreas’ History of Kansas, Douglas County, Levi Sperry and the Dobbins family were headed to Dallas, Texas when they left Illinois, but once they made it to Leavenworth County, Kansas, they abandoned the idea of going Texas and settled in Douglas County, Kansas. Elizabeth Perkins Dobbins died on October 5, 1856, in Prairie City, Douglas County, Kansas.

James Alexander Dobbins married Mrs Eliza Gant on August 13, 1861, in Warren County, Ohio. Reportedly, James Alexander Dobbins died in April 1873.

Learn more about the Dobbins family in Four Generations of Dobbinses, an essay written by Barbara “Bobby” Dobbins Title.

James Sellers Dobbins married Nancy “Nannie” Maryland Corel February 21, 1867.