School Project

So I received a message this week that my 7-year-old nephew had a school project and needed to know an ancestor who had immigrated to the US.  I can bet that my sister did not expect me to give her a list of nearly 40 ancestors for her son dating back to the 1600s!  Once I had completed that little project, I was still feeling that genealogy itch, and since I’ve let my subscription to expire, I decided to play with the website a bit.  I cancelled the subscription for multiple reasons, yes, it is quite expensive, but too many times when I start researching, my ADD kicks in and I get lost in the research I’m doing.  Without having that rabbit hole to jump down into, and this genealogy bug getting to me, I may actually get somewhere with this site (at least until the next squirrel comes along to distract me!).

I’ve updated a few pages and posted some new ones that needed to be posted.  Thank goodness for the Internet Archive!  With that handy tool, I have not lost all of the work I had done 8 years ago!  If you’d like to see the old content, click here.  Just keep in mind that the Internet Archive does not have 100% of the site, and the formatting didn’t save too well.

Updates made this evening include:

Not too bad for a few hours work!

I’ve also heard from a few people who have visited the site since my last post, including a descendant of Louisa, a descendant of George Herbert Vann (grandson of Olivia via Gertrude McGee), a descendant of Caldwell McGee (brother of James Joseph McGhee), and someone sharing the Mattingly (Matney) DNA Surname Project (perhaps of interest to Henry Highland  or Matney descendants).