Leona “Oney” Biggs & Jonathan Peart

I have had quite the obsession with the Peart family since I discovered the children (Stuart, Mary, and William) living with the Corel family in Kaw Township, Jackson County, Missouri in 1850.

Living with William and Rebecca are their children, William Jr., Cosby J., James, Nancy, and Olivia, as well as three Peart children taken in by the family, Stewart, William, and Louisa Peart.

It is because of this obsession that I have not made any posts over the past two months. With the holidays in addition to my desire to post a complete page documenting my research of Oney & Jonathan, i am happy to say that I have finally completed the Peart section, at least for now! I have no doubt that if I were to continue I might find more information, but I am finally happy with what I have gathered and documented.

Hopefully my next genealogical project will not take as long before I’m ready to post it!