Honoring Corel Cousin Veterans

I have been struggling for the past week on how to post this list of Corel Cousins Veterans.  It may not be the prettiest list, but I am proud to say I am related to them all and I thank each and every one of them for their service to our country!

I decided to sort the names by the children of William & Rebecca and then list them in order of their enlistment date.  This list is based on the information I have in my tree. If you know of someone who has served that I do not have listed here, please let me know!  I plan to create a Veteran page to showcase all information I have compiled.

In the list below you will find 3 female descendants who have served in the military.  They are marked below in bold red text.  Two women served during WWII and the third served stateside during the Vietnam Era.  I am very proud to be the daughter of the female who served during Vietnam.

Under Jemima, Henry Highland, Rebecca Ann, William, Cosby Jane, James Pickens, and Olivia Gillespie you will see the first veteran listed with a * following their name.  These individuals are ancestors of the spouse Jemima, Henry, Rebecca, William, Jane, James, and Olivia.


NAME ENLISTED       Shadrach McGlothlin by jajacks62 on FlickrShadrach McGlothlin by jajacks62 on Flickr
John McLaughlin * 1778
Shadrack McGlothlin 8/25/1863
William McGlothlin 8/25/1863
Henry H McGlothlin 3/23/1864
Floyd A Spence 7/10/1944

Henry Highland

NAME ENLISTED       Robert Young Taliaferro JrRobert Young Taliaferro Jr
Walter Matney Sr. * 1782
John Morgan Salathiel 8/22/1856
Willis Myers 7/13/1861
George Parman 9/6/1863
Giles Gilbert Parman Est 1867
Doyle R Salathiel 1/11/1943
Robert Y Taliaferro Jr 5/31/1945
Robert J Fegley 6/17/1988


NAME ENLISTED                Joseph Lafayette Norman App for Military HeadstoneJoseph Lafayette Norman App for Military Headstone


Captain Traber NormanCaptain Traber Norman

Joseph L Norman 8/15/1862
Traber Norman 6/16/1888
Emmet L Matney Est 1917
Robert E Matney 8/13/1942
Warren A Puckett 4/16/1943
Emmet E Matney 7/26/1943
Ray B Winchell 11/1/1943
Thomas L Bonville 5/4/1944
John E Winchell Jr 5/31/1944
James B Tremain 6/8/1944
Floyd C Puckett 10/30/1945
Charles R Matney Est 1945
Harlie L Puckett 2/4/1950
Clarence R Matney Est 1953


NAME ENLISTED      George J HarrisGeorge J Harris
William R Enright 9/10/1918
Paul Enright 3/29/1942
William Flood 10/1/1942
George J Harris 12/20/1945

Rebecca Ann

NAME ENLISTED              William A Brown Homes for Disabled Volunteer SoldiersWilliam A Brown Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers


Peggy L Elswick WWII Cadet Nursing CorpsPeggy L Elswick WWII Cadet Nursing Corps

John McLaughlin * 1778
John C McGlothlin 5/29/1861
Anson A Pope 7/14/1861
Simon Lockhart 7/25/1861
James P McGlothlin 4/20/1862
Thomas Brown 2/9/1864
William A Brown 11/24/1898
Rancie W Hannah 8/20/1940
Granger M Roberson 10/22/1942
Roger V Bostick 11/9/1942
Hugh T Liter 2/24/1944
Peggy Elswick 10/10/1944


NAME ENLISTED              Henry Puckett Natl Cemetery Interment Control FormHenry Puckett Natl Cemetery Interment Control Form


Carl L Dixon TombstoneCarl L Dixon Tombstone

Henry Puckett 8/15/1862
Joshua J Puckett 8/15/1862
John C Puckett Sep 1864
Alton C Puckett 12/14/1941
Alvin J Puckett 11/13/1942
Ralph H Williams 1/14/1943
Jay D Newbill 6/1/1943
Calvin R Puckett 4/19/1944
Harold M Dixon 6/24/1944
Willard L Musick 10/29/1947
Ronald E Childs 5/17/1948
Carl L Dixon 5/15/1967


NAME ENLISTED              Solomon Nidig Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card FileSolomon Nidig Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File
Solomon Neidigh * Est 1777

Cosby Jane

NAME ENLISTED      Rae Lee Justice WWII Cadet Nursing CorpsRae Lee Justice WWII Cadet Nursing Corps
Giles Parman * 1778
Melvin D Justice 10/17/1940
Luther W Justice 11/21/1944
Rae Lee Justice 6/15/1945

James Pickens

NAME ENLISTED  Glenn James & Charles Wesley Corel 1918Glenn James & Charles Wesley Corel 1918

Clinton R Laughlin & James C HahnClinton R Laughlin & James C Hahn

Solomon Neidigh * Est 1777
James P Corel Est 1855
Glenn J Corel 10/16/1916
Charles W Corel Est 1918
John B Corel Est 1928
James N Stanley 6/16/1942
Charles W Corel Jr 10/18/1942
Eugene W Corel Nov 1943
Clinton R Laughlin 11/16/1946
Glenn J Corel Jan 1946
James C Hahn Est 1951
Connie K Laughlin Est 1969
Mark T Anderson 6/3/2003

Nancy Maryland

NAME ENLISTED    Corp'l James Sellers Dobbins TombstoneCorp’l James Sellers Dobbins Tombstone
James S Dobbins 3/31/1864
Thomas A Habiger 9/6/1944

Olivia Gillespie

NAME ENLISTED  1918 Major Thomas S. McGee, and Captain Harry S. Truman1918 – Major Thomas S. McGee, and Captain Harry S. Truman.
Solomon Neidigh * Est 1777
Norman R Fish Sr 4/28/1916
Thomas S McGee 8/5/1917
Richard M Pereles 10/25/1940
Norman R Fish Jr 8/17/1941


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