Corel Cousins is Back

I have recreated most of the Corel Cousins website.  I have reconstructed the blog posts that were relevant and archived on the internet. Unfortunately I did lose some posts that I would really love to have, but such is life and I will have to go back thru my notes and see if I can rewrite those posts.

Not all pages are back up yet, but I do have all of the children listed and the Corels by Chance section is started.  As I reviewed these pages as I was putting them back up, I have found that I do have some updates to make for additional information that I have found since working on the site in 2009.

I’m very excited to be back working on this website and hope that those who visit will enjoy it or find information to help in their research.  I would love to hear from new cousins as well as cousins I have known for years with any information or thoughts that you’d like to share.  I have placed a contact form on the Welcome page for anyone who would like to communicate without having to leave a public comment on the website.