Happy Birthday Nannie!

Nancy Maryland Corel

I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Nancy “Nannie” Maryland Corel-LaHay-Dobbins! Today marks the 175 anniversary of her birth. She was a very remarkable woman who lived through much in her life.

In less than 10 years, Nannie Corel-LaHay had gone from living as a minor to being a married woman and a mother, to losing her husband and her children. Less than one month after her son, Oliver LaHay died, Nancy celebrated her 30th birthday. Nannie experienced more in her first thirty years than most must deal with in a lifetime. Nancy remained at the farm she shared with Frank until 1865 when she sold the farm and moved to Wakarusa Township to live with her sister and brother in law, Olivia Corel and Jake McGee, where she met her future husband, James Sellars Dobbins.

Nannie is the great grandmother of Bobby Dobbins Title, the wonderful genealogist who brought the Corel family to life for so many of us! Bobby recently wrote a great post on how she came to have this photo of her great grandmother.

Just to share with you, the Corel family in Lawrence that Bobby found was my great grandmother. About a year or so after Bobby wrote to my ‘Grandmama‘, I was asking some questions about our family’s history. Her response was to pull out the letter from Bobby and for my mom and I to make contact with her. The rest, as they say, is history!