Madness Monday ~ The Puckett Ancestors

A new meme has started for the GeneaBloggers (genealogy bloggers) that is called Madness Monday. Madness Monday is the brilliant idea of Amy Crooks of Untangled Family Roots to blog about our elusive brick walls.

This would not necessarily be my first choice for my first brick wall to blog about, but the timing is just too right, since I just finished the Puckett page in the Corel by Chance section only minutes ago!

Thirteen of the Corel children married into only seven different family names between about 1835 and 1867. One of the children married twice and only two of the children married ‘independently’, or not into the same family names as her siblings! You may think that with so few families to look into, that it should be rather easy to connect everyone. It probably would be much easier, if they had married into families that were a bit more visible!

Three Corel sisters married three Puckett men. All three couples were married in Tazewell County, Virginia by William Henkel. John Puckett married Mary Ester Corel on August 19, 1839; Joshua Puckett married Margaret Corel on November 26, 1842; William John Puckett married Louisa Corel on December 18, 1842.

According to census records, John is the oldest, born about 1814 in Virginia. William John was born about December 21, 1820 in Virginia. Joshua was born about 1821 in Virginia.

In reviewing message board posts, most seem to believe that the parents for at least some of the three Puckett boys are Lewis Puckett and Rhoda Newby. I have not been able to find anything that backs up this theory, but according to a biography on a descendant of William John Puckett and Louisa Corel, William’s father was named Lewis. One avenue I plan on pursuing is to try to locate a will for this Lewis Puckett, who reportedly died in 1846 in Ballard County, Kentucky.

If the will doesn’t pan out, I will certainly be driven quite mad by trying to connect these Puckett men!