Brothers & Sisters ~ Smile for the Camera

For the 11th Edition of

Smile for the Camera

Anyone who knows me knows that I am incapable of making decisions and narrowing things down! So, for my first participation in the Smile for the Camera carnival, I have selected eight photos of brothers and sisters from youth to adulthood. I did at least pick only one photo from each family, although I did have a few different photos I could have included, I thought I should save those for another day!

1890s West Las Animas, CO Band

This photo from the 1890s shows that two brothers were able to get along well enough to participate in a community band together. Gaston Dobbins is on the right in the first row with his trombone, and his younger brother, Scott Dobbins, is nearly hidden on the right hand side of the back row. Scott and Gaston are the sons of James Sellars and Nancy Maryland Corel Dobbins.

Abt 1890 James Pickens and Susannah Clay McGee Corel and 6 children

This photo was taken about 1890 of James Pickens and Susannah Clay McGee Corel and six of their children. Pictured are, from left to right, Ella Corel Bowman, Catherine Corel Hughes, Susannah Clay McGee Corel, Anna Corel Stanley, James Henry Corel, Eugenia “Jennie” Corel Engel, James Pickens Corel, and Charles Wesley Corel, DDS.

1906 - McGee Brothers: Richard, Albert, Olivia (mother), Thomas Stewart, John J, Solon, and Oliver

This photo of Olivia Gillespie Corel McGee and her sons is from 1906. Pictured, from left to right, are Richard Oney, Albert Edward, Olivia Gillespie Corel, Thomas Stewart, John Jacob Jr., Solon Neidigh, and Oliver Corel McGee.

Abt 1911 Frieda and Rowena Newcomb

This image is from about 1911 and is of Frieda Margaret and Rowena Ruth Newcomb, youngest children of Margaret Salathiel and Frederick Newcomb. The girls are the grandchildren of Jemima Morris Corel and John Morgan Salathiel. Jemima Morris Corel is a daughter of Henry Highland and Nancy Matney Corel.

James H. Corel Family Circa 1916

This photo from about 1916 shows the many brothers and sisters of my Great Grandma (Kathryn), also pictured are her parents! From left to right: James Henry, George Arthur, Glenn James, Augusta “Billie”, Eugene William (front row), Charles Wesley, Kathryn (front row), Gladys Faye, Emma Augusta Miller, John Beasley Corel.

James Henry Corel is the son of James Pickens and Susannah Clay McGee Corel.

Abt 1940 Cousins Playing Around

This photo is from about 1940 and shows two sets of siblings, left to right, James Conrad “Jimmy” Hahn, Daphne Lorina Canterbury, Billie Kay Hahn, and William Huttig “Billy” Canterbury. The Hahn children are great grandchildren of James Pickens Corel and the Canterbury children are great grandchildren of Olivia Gillespie Corel McGee.

1954 - Connie & Sonny Laughlin

This photo from about 1954 shows siblings Connie Kay Laughlin and Clinton Ray “Sonny” Laughlin Jr., great great grandchildren of James Pickens Corel.

1965 Susie, Mike, & Don McFarlin

These three siblings from 1965 show from left to right Susan, Michael, and Donald Charles McFarlin. In 1970 Donald Charles (Fletcher – McFarlin) Bishop married Connie Kay Laughlin, second great granddaughter of James Pickens Corel.