What’s New on Corel Cousins

I’ve been working away here on Corel Cousins and just realized that I hadn’t shared with you all what I’ve been doing and what new pages I have added!

The last update blog post I did, I wrote about how I did not think that Robert Emmitt McGlothlin was a child of Judith Leathers and John McLaughlin. Cousin by marriage, Teresa Klaiber, shared some information with me, as well as some conversations she had with her mother-in-law, and now I believe that Robert Emmitt McGlothlin must have at least been raised by Judith Leathers and John McLaughlin. On the McGlothlin page, I share the reasons why I do not think that Judith Leathers is the mother of Robert Emmitt McGlothlin, but since I do believe that she played a part in his life, I also have a link to the information I found on Judith Leathers and John McLaughlin (found here and on the McGlothlin page under Corels by Chance) and what is believed to be their descendants.

In addition to the McGlothlin family, I have also added the Matney family. There is also conflicting theories on the ancestry of the Matney’s and who is the father of Brooks Matney who married Jane Young. As these families are not my direct lines, and much of the research I have done for each of these families is no more than a week of scouring the internet, I have decided to go with the majority on this question. On the Matney page you will find links to the descendants of both Walter Matney and Brooks Matney.

A page has also been created for the Dobbins family. This is the family I have spent the least amount of time on because Cousin Bobby Dobbins Title has been so kind to share her work with me for this site. On the Dobbins page you will find the descendants of Robert B. Dobbins and Katy Alexander, as well as a link to a page for James Alexander Dobbins and Elizabeth Perkins. I also have a link for a wonderful essay written by Cousin Bobby on this line.

Along the top and bottom of each of the pages on this site, you will see the main page links for this site: Home, Calendar, Contact Us, Welcome!, William & Rebecca, Corel-Oney Children, and Corel by Chance.

  • Home is the main page you see when you come to Corel Cousins.
  • Calendar is something new I thought might be fun to share important dates in the Corel family. I have created a Google Calendar and so far I have added the birth dates, marriage dates, and death dates for William Corel and Rebecca Oney and their children. I plan to add more dates to the calendar at a later time, most importantly the Corel-Oney reunion will be added once a date has been decided on! If anyone has any dates they would specifically like to see, or if you see a correction that needs made, please let me know! This is a public calendar on Google, so anyone who is already using GCal can add this to their personal calendar.
  • Contact Us is similar to the ‘Corel Researchers’ page on the original site. I have included names and email addresses, as well as photos for those that I had, for the different sections of the family. I have also added Connie Bishop to the top of the page as the contact for the family reunion. At the bottom of the page is a contact form if anyone wants to drop a quick note to me without getting into their email program.
  • Welcome! gives a brief history of what is going on with this site, and it’s purpose. It was the home page on the original site.
  • William & Rebecca gives the history of William Corel and Rebecca Oney Corel.
  • Corel-Oney Children lists the children.
  • Corel by Chance is the page for the links of the allied families, most of which came into the Corel family by marriage.

On the sidebar, I have two ‘widgets’ I’d like to point out. You can find these ‘widgets’ beneath the Corel Cousins links. By the way, if anyone has a website who is a Corel Cousin and it isn’t listed, please let me know so I can add your site! The first ‘widget’ is Google Friend Connect. For those of you who are already active with the Google products, this is a way we can stay connected. The second ‘widget’ is for FaceBook. I have many of you already as FaceBook friends, and if other family members are out there are on FaceBook, I would like to add you, as well. This widget is for anyone who is on FaceBook to follow this blog from within FaceBook, and it lets me know that I have a couple of people who might like it! 😉

So this is what is new on Corel Cousins since my last update. I am in the process of completing quite a few more pages! I am nearly done with a page for the Justice family. I’ve been researching for the Puckett family page. Which reminds me, I’ve tried emailing Cousin Sandy who is a Puckett descendant, and haven’t heard back from her. Has anyone heard from her recently? Did she perhaps change email addresses? I’d love to hear from any Puckett descendants, because I’m really struggling with this line! I need to start on the McGee family. I think it scares me because it’s my line and I have so much info scattered everywhere on this family! Plus I’m afraid this might end up looking like a McGee site if I go a bit overboard! I have been compiling a links page that will be included on the top and bottom menu on each page. I could probably put it up now and just add to it as I need to…. Look for that soon, I will probably do that! The next thing I’ve been working on is one thing that really had me nervous before…. I’ve started working on the grandchildren of William and Rebecca! You may have noticed that I have also started participating in a blog meme called Tombstone Tuesday. This is to help me make sure that I remain active on this site, and so you all know I’m still here! If anyone has a tombstone photo that they would like featured here, please send it to me!

Finally, I want to share a bit of my thought process with you. As I am going through these lines and I am seeing other families mingle in with the Corel descendants, I am looking to see the connections. This is part of what fascinates me is how this family mixes it up so much with other families.

For instance, what I found yesterday was that Lucinda Meek and Melinda Meek were sisters. Lucinda married James Whitehead Ward and Melinda married his brother, Jonathan Ward. After Jonathan died, Melinda married David McGlothlin, widower after Jemima Corel’s death, on July 19, 1853. Lucinda’s son, George Washington Ward married Mary McGlothlin, oldest child of Jemima Corel and David McGlothlin, on July 31, 1854.