New Pages Added

I thought I should take a minute to announce that I’ve added a couple of pages to the website. First, I have added a contact page with email addresses of researchers of the different lines. The first contact is for Connie Bishop, organizer of the Corel-Oney family reunion. I want to stress again, if you have never been to a reunion, or if you have moved since the last reunion, please make sure to email either Connie or myself with your information so we can be sure that you are up to date on the reunion plans!

I have also started the Corel by Chance section. The first family I have been working on is the Peart family. Three Peart children were living with William and Rebecca Oney Corel during the 1850 census, after their mother died in January 1850. Although it is difficult trying to trace the children, I can tell that Mary Louisa Peart and William B. Peart seemed to remain close to the family. I have completed Mary Louisa’s page and found it quite interesting to see who some of her neighbors were during each of the census years. I hope to finish my research on William B. and have that uploaded tomorrow.

Next, I think I might try to tackle the McGlothlin’s!