Slow is Better Than Nothing

I’ve received comments from several cousins that I should not be so hard on myself during this time of moving slowly on the website. I want to thank you all for your never-ending support!

I can only guess that my avoidance of this update has to do with the lack of information readily available on the McGlothlin family. I have an email into a McGlothlin family researcher, and if I am lucky enough to get some additional information to add to the page, I will be sure to include that in a future blog.

One thing I found to be very interesting while researching this family is that John McLaughlin/McGlothlin is listed right about Walter Mattingly/Matney on the Sandy Basin Virgnia Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution website.


My question today have been included in my email to the McGlothlin researcher I mentioned above.

  • Are we sure that David McGlothlin is the brother of Robert Emmitt McGlothlin?

I guess the answer to this question will have to wait until I hear back on my email!


I will probably have an album page done this week for Rebecca Ann Corel McGlothlin, with the images that Teresa has sent me. After that, I think I will start on the Peart family. Shawn has kindly sent me some information on this family, and I am eager to share their story, although they are not descendants of Rebecca Oney and William Corel.

That is all for today. I hope you all have a SUPER week!