Friday Update

I have completely recovered from the computer problems earlier this week, and I didn’t lose anything I had saved! Today’s update has a great deal of pages that have been updated!


First of all, you will notice on the Home Page that the ‘Interesting Links’ section has disappeared! I have created a new page under the Corel Cousins Info, Links. This page will include not only the ‘Interesting’ links, but also links of pages where I find information on the subject I am researching for any of the updates. As well as the ‘direct’ links that I use for content of the site, I will include the ‘home’ page of the site so users can conduct their own searches of the various sites I find. If you see anything that should be included on the Corel Cousins site that I missed, please let me know! These pages are really put together rather quickly and I may accidentally skip over something equally important that should be put into a different section of the site when I am focused on the section I’m working on.

Corels by Chance

I had struggled with how I would include the Peart family into the site. The Peart children were living with Rebecca Oney and William Corel in Jackson County, Missouri during the 1850 census. In later years, the three children can be found living with different Corel children in the Kansas Territory. I must admit that I do not know a lot about the Peart family, but knowing that they were a part of the Corel family has me wanting to learn more about these three children. I hope that Shawn will help me when I start working on that page!


Before the ‘crash’ this week, I had completed the Matney page. You can find some great Matney links on the Links page, too! I have found quite a bit of conflicting information, such as when did Brooks Matney die? Also, I have found more than what is posted on the Matney line, but at this time I have decided to leave this page as it is. More is likely to come as I delve into the next generations of Corels!


Although this is not my direct line, I must admit that I am quite thrilled to know that I am related to a family that participated in history the way the Dobbins family did. If you haven’t a great deal of time, please take a moment to read what I have written on the Dobbins family and look at the photo album I have added for them as well. When you do have the time to sit and read a fascinating story, be sure to read Bobby’s essay Four Generations of Dobbinses. This essay is currently unavailable.


Yes, I know, this is not a new section, but I have made a change to this page after a few requests. Now, when you click on the image of the email addresses, your email program will automatically open for you to be able to send an email to the researcher.

Questions & Comments

Not a great deal of questions this time, but I always love to hear how you feel about the changes I make to the site. Do you like them? Does it make it easier to find what you are looking for? Do you have any suggestions on how I can make this site even better?

My own personal comment is on the side menu under ‘Corels by Chance’. I have tried to make the names be in alphabetical order, but that isn’t working so well right now. I know what needs to be done, but I need to have time to just sit and work on that for awhile. Perhaps this weekend I will be able to get that fixed!