Happy Easter

First and foremost, I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

I have done a lot of work on the site this week, but unfortunately, my update does not show it! I have lost about 3 days of work, but not to a computer error. I decided I didn’t like the changes I had made, so yesterday morning I scrapped it all and downloaded what I had online and started over! I am proud of how much I accomplished in the past 24 hours, tho!

Now, on to the updates!

I have added much more to Cosby Jane Corel’s page. I have added a great deal of history on William Justice and some info on their children. You will see that I have not added anything for Albert Berten Justice. This is because he is the only child of William and Jane who will have his own page. Hopefully we will find more cousins and I will be able to add pages for more of the children in the future.

I have also made my first ’spouse’ family page, the Justice Family. I did not find a great deal on William Justice’s father, Alfred, but I was able to trace William’s mother back to another family that will be discussed in the future, the Parman Family. Giles Gilbert Parman married a daughter of Nancy Matney and Henry Highland Corel, Rebecca Elizabeth Corel.

I just love how so many relationships in the early years of the Corel Family intertwine with other families. While working on the Justice Family, I found the Parman’s and the Earnshaw’s! At this time, I have not found anything on the Earnshaw Family, so if anyone else has made the connections, I would love to know about it! I would dearly love to find some cousins down this line!

The next update to discuss is in the Photos section. On the album pages for Henry Highland Corel and Rebecca Oney and William Corel, I have found a new way to layout the images. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

My final update is a new link you will find in the ‘Interesting Links’ section. A descendant of Olivia Gillespie Corel McGee, Mrs. Barbara Rolph, is a co-founder/co-owner of a successful restaurant chain, Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Cafe. Barbara told me that the reason this name was chosen was because it was the most memorable. I must agree with that logic, who’s ever heard of eating Mexican and Irish at the same time? Ahh, well, Barbara has also reassured me that although they did try adding some Irish options to the menu, they are sticking with Mexican menu items!

Questions and thoughts

For this section of the site, I think that my biggest question is about the Earnshaw Family. As I explained above, I know that the two Earnshaw men that two daughters of Cosby Jane Corel and William Justice married must be related! Nothing really jumped out at me when I was surfing and looking, and I was eager to get this update completed, so I have left it alone for now.

My second question for today has to do with the set-up of the website itself. I feel like I need to add a main link on the top of the page pointing to the ’spouse’ families. It would be after the Photos link, but I do not know what I should call it. ‘Spouse Families’ just seems too silly and not very descriptive for people who just happen across the site. ‘Non-Corel Families’ sounds a bit weird, but might be better. Please give me your thoughts to either of these ideas, or make your own suggestion!

Also, I have been working on the ‘Researcher’s Page’, and I hope to get it up this week. Bobby Dobbins Title has suggested that we all submit a face shot to include on the Researcher’s page to allow us to get to know each other a bit more. I have a photo of Bobby and Joe Cullen, but I need to ask that the other researcher’s (Gene, Diane, Ella, Sandy, Ruby, Virginia & Tom, Barbara, and Shawn – this means you! I am so sorry if I forgot anyone here, but send it in anyway!) send me a photo. If others are in the photo, that is fine, I can crop the photos to make them all uniform.

OK, I have to wrap this up, gotta get ready to watch little Abby hunt for Easter Eggs!