William Correll

Wow, this is hard to believe, but I’ve done it. I didn’t think I would get to this point, but now I’m here! All of the children of William Corel and Rebecca Oney now have their own page!

My next goal is to go back over everyone who is posted and more completely tell their stories. I have more information about most of the children, and their parents. I even know I have more to say about William Jr., I just don’t know where I read the info at! I thought I had read more details about William Corel in the Agnes Hall manuscript, but I didn’t find it there. So, it must have been one of the many letters I have been reading lately. I need to go back through each of the letters and do what I did with Agnes’ manuscrpt last night, make notes on a copy calling out each section I want to write about.

Most likely the next couple of weeks will be several small updates, rather than the updates I’ve been doing once or twice a week. So that you aren’t overwhelmed by emails, I will keep the blog and email notifications to no more than 3 a week while I’m reviewing the first generation of Corel’s.

Last weekend I made some fun updates that I didn’t send a separate notification on. First and foremost, I have added a ‘Guest Map’ on the home page, at the bottom of the page. Click on the icon and you will be taken to a map of the United States. You will see that right now there are only two of us on the map, me and Bobby Dobbins Title. I think this will be a lot of fun for all of us to get a better idea about how spread out the family is in the 21st century! The free map allows for 100 entries, so please do not do separate entries for all of your children who live at home! But, please do an entry for you, even if you live in the same city as another cousin (for example, Mom, Grandma, and Mary Ellen all live in Lawrence and all three should make entries, if they wish!).

Another bit of updating I have done is to the Photos section. Now when you go to this page, you will see an outline of the different sections I expect to make. So far, I’ve completed photo pages for 4 sections. When you click on a section, you will see the thumbnails for the photos of that section. If you click a right or left button, you will be taken to the other sections, the up button will take you back to the outlined listing. If you click a thumbnail, you will go to a page for the photo with a description of the photo. Clicking the left and right arrows there will take you to the different photos in that section. The up arrow will take you back to the section page with thumbnails.

I have also been trying to get a site map up. For my employer’s website, I use a website that will create a site map for you for free. I’ve tried using it on Corel Cousins, but there is an error somewhere not allowing the site map to be made. I have so many pages that are connected in more than one way, everytime I have sat down to do a sitemap manually, something gets missed. I’m hoping to be able to use one of these free sites to help me get started! I’ll figure something out eventually!

I am also going to use this time that I am ‘fine tuning’ the site to make the Researcher’s page. That may even be something I am able to accomplish today at work, depending on how hectic the day turns out to be. I’ve created graphics for the email addresses for the main researchers. If I have left anyone out that wants to be added, EMAIL ME! No one responded when I asked people generally, so I emailed those who I know to be researchers of the Corel family.

I am hoping that before the end of April I will have

  • the Researcher’s page completed,
  • a page completed for the ’spouse’ familes (McGlothlin, Matney, Puckett, McGee, and Justice),
  • more about William Corel and Rebecca Oney,
  • more complete stories for all of the children,
  • more Photo pages


  • a Site Map!

That will have me set to start on the second generation in May. Of course, this timetable is provided that there are no more serious illnesses or computer melt-downs, but I thought I’d share my vision with you all!

The grandchildren of William and Rebecca will prove to be an interesting challenge. There are so very many of them! The webmaster side of me is glad that we do not know all about all of the 100+ grandchildren, but the genealogist is sad that there are missing people! Hopefully as I am able to ‘grow’ the site, we will also be able to ‘grow’ our family by finding more missing cousins!

Questions and Discussions

I am curious about the young girl, Susan, living with Margaret McGee and William Corel. I haven’t had time to look yet, but I wonder if a grave may be in the Sutton Cemetery, also. I don’t really expect that she is, because surely she would be near Margaret and William, and Gene Dixon would have a photo of her grave as well.

I am also considering adding a section on the Peart family. For those of you who have no idea of what I am talking about…. On the 1850 Census, there are three Peart children listed as living with Rebecca Oney and William Corel. Their mother passed away prior to the census and the children lived with the Corel family. By 1855 these children were no longer living with Rebecca, but were living with Rebecca’s children. The Peart children may be cousins of the Corel children, or perhaps no blood relation at all. However, these children were a part of our ancestors’ lives. From the beginning of this website, I have tried to make this a story about the lives of Rebecca Oney and William Corel and their children, not just a list of dates. Plus, we do have a researcher of the Peart family among us!

Another question I have been asking myself since starting this is how much should I post on the McGee family here? I would dearly love your opinions on this! This site is the Corel Cousins and not the McGee Cousins, but three Corel children and one Corel grandchild married siblings from the McGee family. I have quite a bit of info on the McGee’s, thanx to Mom, Bobby, and Diane. Plus, I have discovered that through the McGee line, we have an ancestor who was in the Revolutionary War. I bet Aunt Gladys is just cursing me right now! (That would be my Grandma’s Aunt Gladys) She tried to join the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) through the Corel line. Had she looked more to the McGee side, she would have found that the great grandfather of the McGee siblings that married into the Corel family was, in fact, a soldier in the Revolutionary War. I haven’t done a great deal of research to be able to tell you many details, but I have confirmed with the DAR that Solomon Neidigh is listed as a patriot during the war.

So, I just don’t know if I should go back that far on a ’spouse’ family. I don’t have nearly this much information on any of the other families, so it would look as tho I am ‘favoring’ one line more than another, which is not my intention at all. What do you think?

Well, this is rather long, so I think I will wrap up here. I will have another entry by Saturday, but just in case any of you don’t get the chance to stop by then, I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter!