Rebecca Ann Correl and other stuff

Happy weekend everyone!

With a HUGE amount of help from Teresa this week, I have finished Rebecca’s page and have her uploaded. I am very thankful to Teresa for all of her help and guidance this past week! I have added some additional links in my writing on Rebecca. Most will go to pictures of items that I haven’t quite found a home for yet, but wanted to share. Especially Rebecca’s death certificate!

Rebecca lived through a very difficult time, as did all of the Corel Children. Yet she did endure and left a wonderful legacy of strength. Being the only child of William Corel and Rebecca Oney to not migrate to the Missouri-Kansas area, she was left being a young mother without the support of her parents and siblings. Recall that Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone until 1876, so it was not as it is today, with family only a phone call away.

One thing that fascinated me the most while preparing this page was to learn that two of Rebecca’s sons served with the South in the Civil War. Seeing that our family had men fighting on both sides has reaffirmed that the war did place brother against brother, and in our case, cousin against cousin. I have not allowed myself to delve too far into the Civil War history yet, because I know I will become quite side tracked once I get started on that one!!

Another New Cousin!

I was beyond thrilled this morning to open an email from Cousin Bobby. She has been in contact with a Friend of Corel Cousins, Stan. Stan has found a descendant of Rebecca through her daughter, Mary Evaline! The only other thing I know about this cousin so far is that he is from our area of the country, the Midwest! I am thrilled to no end to have another cousin found, and I hope to learn more about this cousin and have him and his family at our next reunion!

Other stuff

OK, here’s the ‘other stuff’ I put in the title of this blog, and something you have likely noticed by now. I’ve added a couple of ads to the pages. I am not looking to become rich off of this at all, I am just hoping I might be able to make the $10-$20 a month it is costing me to have this website. Don’t feel obligated to click on anything, because you aren’t! Right now, some of the ads are for ‘Corel Draw’ and ‘WordPerfect’, but I am hoping those ads will be gone within 48 hours and that the ads you will see will only be related to genealogy. If you see something that catches your eye, please click on it!

By adding the Google ads, I have also added a Google search to all of the website pages (not the blog pages). I had no idea until a couple of days ago that the search was not working on the site! (No one told me!!) I have done a basic search with the new search box, just remember that you need to select that you are only wanting to search Corel Cousins if you are looking for something on the site. I have added the option to not have any ‘adult’ material to come up in the search results, also, so the site should be safe for all of us!

If you have any problems with the ads or searches, please email me! I will work immediately to fix the problem, or remove the ad with the problem.

Questions and Thoughts

Well, the original questions I had have all been answered by Cousin Teresa, so I have thought about other, more appropriate ideas to discuss with this update.

John McGlothlin, from stories carried down through the family, is reported to have been a soldier in the Civil War. No evidence has been found by Teresa or myself that proves this, but the very fact that Wytheville was organizing regiments during the time when John died in Wytheville truly says to me that even if he wasn’t officially ’signed up’ yet, he had every intention of doing so. There may have been an incident that had nothing to do with the war. John may have been killed by ‘friendly fire’ while doing ‘exercises’ with the Wytheville Regiments. It is so very hard to say

I also admire Rebecca for her strength when she found out that John had died. She would have been pregnant at the time, but it was early enough that she may not have realized she was pregnant yet. Of course it would be devastating to learn that one of your children has died, but the fact that she did not lose that baby, Amanda, is certainly admirable.

Oh yes, one final thought that occurred to me while working on this page. Has anyone else noticed that so many of the death certificates of the Corel Children show senility as a cause of death? Rebecca’s does not, and I was kind of surprised to see that. Is senility genetic? Are the Corel Cousins doomed to be senile? Well, that would certainly explain a few things about my Mom!

Just joking Mom! You know I love you!!

The next page is William Jr. – Gene, beware… the internet lines between us may heat up a bit this week!