Olivia Gillespie Corel Upload

Not nearly all that I have is up, but I do have the basics. I found that I kept going back and back wanting to add more and more. I have to find a stopping point and move on to the next child. I already know that I need to go through all of the children to add more. A couple of the children may be as far as they can be until new information is found on the child’s life, or until I get into the stories of their children.

You know, the ‘hugeness’ of this task is starting to hit me. All previous projects I have undergone in the past were ones that I would finish easily in a week or two. LOL (LOL is ‘cyber-ese’ for Laughing Out Loud) This has already taken a month and I’m not through the first 13 people (William, Rebecca, and the children who lived to marrying age), and there is so much more to be entered just on them!

Oh yes, a side note – Be happy I’m using ‘cyber-ese’ rather than the ‘Valley Talk’ that was so big in the ’80s!

Anyhow, back to how big this project is!! So I just looked, and I have about 100 grandchildren for William and Rebecca!! Averaging one or two people a week, will have me done with that generation in about a year! Yikes!

Yes, I know you are now laughing. You were amazed when I said I wanted to do this. But understand, I thought this would be just another easy project that wouldn’t take too long. No, I’m not stopping this, please don’t think that. I am now amazed that I am doing this! You see, with all of the thank-you’s I’ve received for taking on this project, I’ve brushed it off that it was no big deal. Still, to me, it’s no big deal because I want to do it. Now, however, I understand that to each of you this is a big deal that someone is willing to take on such a huge project!

OK, so how did I come to this massive realization? I received an email from California Corel Cousin Bobby that she had some of her genealogy friends look at our little site. The response was wonderful, and I believe there was a bit of pride between the lines when she said they were jealous of not have someone in their line creating a similar site!

Minor Updates

I also made some minor updates yesterday. I went through and made sure each of the links was working right. Several were not and it was difficult to manage to one child’s page from another child’s page. That should be fixed now.

I also ‘fixed’ the full-sized photo for the 1924 Corel-McGee picnic. It is not the full original size, but it is still of good quality and much easier to see without waiting an eternity for it to download! I looked at the other photos and nothing else seemed to take too long in loading, but if you find any that do, again, please let me know! I haven’t played with compressing them any further than they are. They work good for me, but I have a cable connection. For those of you on dial up, especially, tell me if anything takes too long, it is not hard to fix and will only take me about 2 minutes per photo.

The next change has been the addition of ‘Friends of Corel Cousins’. It has been pointed out to me that it is not just the descendants of William and Rebecca who may enjoy this site, many others may find interests here in the stories of the Corel family as well! In fact, I have already personally granted Honorary Corel Cousinship to more than one person!

Never was it my intention to imply that only those who can prove blood relation are to be welcome here! So, I made a few additions of including the friends on the home page! So, to be certain, I want everyone to know that I would like to hear from anyone via blog comment or email who finds anything on this site they would like to discuss, ask questions about, or make a contribution.

As previously discussed

I have recently been contacted by a new found cousin! Her name is Janet, she lives in Oregon, and her ancestors are Cosby Jane and William Justice, Louise and Albert Berten Justice, Fern Opal and Glenn McHenry. Fern and Glenn are Janet’s grandparents. Janet has just begun digging through all of her family treasures and piecing together the family.

Questions for Today…

After working on each of the pages, I discover that I have questions without answers by the time I’ve exhausted my searches online and through my materials. I think I will start asking the questions here, first, so I don’t forget! and second, so that maybe someone with the answer can let me know! My first question involves the following photo.

Connelley Douglas County Map

Does anyone have a better map? LOL This one is pretty rough. I am trying to picture where the different families live and this is the best I’ve found so far. Yes, I know that if I go to the Douglas County Library or Courthouse, I will find the map showing exactly what I want, but life does not always allow for such trips! Does anyone have a photo copy of the 1857 map showing who owned what land? Does anyone have a digital copy?

In reading Olivia’s obituary several times in the last few days, I have become very curious about the property that is now Oak Hill Cemetery. I knew that the property was donated by the Corel family since birth, or at least since the first time I visited the cemetery! I did not know that the land that is now the cemetery is where the first house stood. Does anyone know where in the cemetery the house was? I have imagined that the tall tree next to the red McGee monument may have stood in the front yard. I have imagined that perhaps the house was on top of one of the hills that do not yet have graves. Or near the site where the Civil War soldiers are buried. One day last fall, Rick and I walked all over the old sections of the cemetery. This weekend we have discussed a second trip to go ‘exploring’, but this time with a camera!! There are far to many graves there, I have no intention of documenting the entire cemetery, or even the older sections! I have photos of James Pickens Corel’s monument, as well as the plots reserved for James Henry and his children. I need to get the McGee stones which are all right next to each other. It may take some time to find the others I know are there, but there are also just so many interesting stones. Then, I would also like to shoot the land itself. Unfortunately I will not be able to share some of the sites we saw this fall, as it was a couple of weeks after a tornado/microburst had hit and not all of the clean up had been completed yet. But I hope those of you who do not live in the area or had the opportunity to just walk around the cemetery and look at the land that was once lived on by Pioneers, and Native Americans before them, will enjoy what I hope to bring in the future, and perhaps dream with me of what the land may have looked like then.

OK, I’m wrapping! Now those of you who don’t know me too well see how I compensate after being too sick for too long! Have a GREAT week!