The World is Moving Way Too Fast!

OK, I received an email from Mom, so I thought I should at least post a blog to let everyone know what’s going on!

This has been an unusually busy week at work, not allowing me the normal time I have to work on personal things. Additionally, I became a bit sidetracked while working on the next page, Nancy Maryland Corel. I am about halfway through with what I have mapped out in my mind.

Nancy moved her family to Colorado. Being a Kansas girl, I know quite a bit about Kansas history and have different sites I utilize regularly. Colorado is a whole new state! I have been trying to do some research for some additional information to add to her site. I finally was able to find something relevant yesterday and will try to have the page up later today!

Another issue sidetracking me has been working with one of the Corel Cousins with some very excellent photos. I am very excited about this ’side project’ and hope that it will encourage you all to send me more information about your individual lines.

I know, we are all busy in our every day lives, some of us work while others may have other obligations taking care of family or even volunteer organizations. Plus, there is the everyday life occurences. It never fails that as you are rushing out of the house late for an appointment, that the toilet overflows or something of equal importance needing your attention. I also am aware that few of you actually know me! I am pretty shy myself and haven’t emailed anyone individually yet that I do not know. That will be changing rather soon.

After I have Nancy’s page done this weekend, I will email everyone individually asking your permission to include your name and email address in page that lists the researchers of the different lines.

OK, that is about all for this morning. Everyone have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Mom and Michelle are walking in the KC parade this morning with their dogs and Michelle’s husband and daughter. I hope they send me pics of the fun they will be having this morning so I can share it with you all.

I would also like to honor Cosby Jane Corel Justice this morning. Today marks the 177th anniversary of Cosby’s birth. Happy Birthday Cosby Jane!