Nancy Maryland “Nannie” Corel-LaHay-Dobbins

With a name like that, she deserves to have so much time taken on her page! She has an extra page, like James Pickens, crediting and showing a wonderful map I found online. I’m pretty sure I have the areas marked correctly, but I certainly hope that Bobby will let me know if I need to make any changes!

Nancy is another I have given some extra attention to. I wanted this page to be perfect (I hope it is, but will survive if it isn’t!) to honor not only Nannie, but her great granddaughter, Bobby Dobbins Title. At this time, I have not included a ‘future link’ for the LaHay family, because I have not found a great deal on this line, outside what you will find on Nancy’s Corel Cousins page and Bobby’s Rootsweb page.

I need to admit that after completing the first half of Nannie’s page, I had to stop for a short time. We all have hardships in our lives and struggle through those hardships, sometimes wondering if we will survive. Nannie’s story helped me view my own personal struggles in a different light. Here I sat, nearly 143 years after the fact, moved to tears by the harsh life Nannie must have lived during her first 30 years of life. Worst of all, this was a time of ‘outhouses’! And I have problems using a public restroom!

Nancy is now completed and my next page will be Olivia. Olivia excites me because we have so many photos of her and her descendants thanks to Gloria Rakocy and her sister Daphne Pereles.

Again, I do want to mention that as soon as I finish Olivia, Rebecca, and William, I will be going back to the other children to more fully tell their stories.

Once again, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.