March Madness is Here

And KU is the #1 seed for the West! Of course my brackets will show KU going all the way. It’s who I choose every year. Of course, the guys I work with laugh at me every year, but it’s OK, because this year just may be the year! After winning the Big 12 tourney in OT, who’s to say they don’t have a chance? It’s been their best year under Coach Bill Self, and I think it’s time that they give him a National Title. Only time will tell.

Did you know that the Corel family is connected to the father of basketball, James Naismith? His daughter, Margaret married George Stanley. George is the son of Anna Corel and J.R. Stanley. Anna is the youngest daughter of James Pickens Corel.

In other news, somehow I actually finished the pages for Margaret and Mary. That leaves Nancy, Olivia, Rebecca, and William. Wow. I’m more than half way there! I’d like to say that I would be able to finish one child a day, but I really do have to go back to work! I have lots of info to sort through on Nancy and Olivia, so I’m not going to guess on how quickly I might get through this!

I’ve also added to the main page. There is now a section on the variations of the way Corel has been spelled throughout the years. I had planned on adding this to the page, but wasn’t sure of when or how, but an email from Bobby suggested I get it up for ‘unfound’ cousins searching for the Corel family. Bobby also had another wonderful idea. She suggested I create a page that listed the email addresses of the other researchers of the Corel family. I can easily create an image of everyone’s email, similar to what Rootsweb does, to reduce the likelihood of spammers getting anyone’s email. I would like to get other opinions about creating such a page! Please email me or leave a comment on what you think!