Jemima, Louisa, Margaret

OK, that’s a bit more than what I’ve accomplished so far, but just a bit! Jemima and Louisa are uploaded and I am now working on Margaret. I have also made some minor updates, that many will likely not even notice.

Computer Babbling

I updated the code for the counter on the main page. I have also added a link where you can click and go see who’s been visiting. I’m not sure of what all you will get to see, but I find the map most interesting. Plus I check out to see what level of which browser you are all using. That way I know to make sure that it should look the same for everyone. I have noticed, however, that someone is using a Mac. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a Mac so I am unable to make sure you see the same things as clearly as the PC people do. I was thrilled to know that we all have the latest version of Java installed! Should things progress to where I get a bit experimental, it’s good to know that everyone will be able to see if I do some javascripting.

The majority of visitors are using Internet Explorer 7 and have their video set up to ‘normal’ standards. I know my Mom is not among those with the ‘normal’ video, I’ve tried for years to change it, but she always sets it back saying it is too small. Well, I need to be able to get as much on a page as possible, so I’m glad to see that many of you feel the same way.

There is one out there that I am worried about. But, we all have to start somewhere, I just hope you don’t have any problems viewing anything. If you do, let me know and I will send you whatever it may be in a more basic package.

Oh yes, so you aren’t too overly impressed by that 370+ number on the counter, that is just the number of pageloads. I have also used the option to block my home and work computers because I tend to get refresh happy when I am trying to get something to look ‘just right’. When last I looked, we have had 94 unique visitors at Corel Cousins! Now before anyone is too impressed, understand that there are likely those among us who are leery of even little ol’ me!

I don’t have this problem in FireFox, so I don’t think of it often, but I have noticed that when I check a page in Internet Explorer 7, that bar and beep shows up saying I that it won’t run the scripts unless I click on the bar and say it is OK. Well, because I don’t work with IE everyday, I’m not sure if you say it is OK on one day that it will go away forever or not. But, I do want to assure everyone that the only info I am getting from your computer is what I’ve explained above. And, as I mentioned, it’s everyone’s location that excites me to no end. So, for those who do not allow the script to run, they could be counted as a unique visitor each time they load the page. I understand protecting yourself from potential hacks, so please do not feel that I am telling anyone to change anything about the way they surf. There are evil people out there who are wanting to know more than what state you are from and if you have Java installed.

Struggling a Bit

I struggled working on Jemima’s page. She is one of those who has walked softly through life. There has been so little found about Jemima herself, but when emailing Bobby about my struggle, she shared the stories of two of Jemima’s children. I had seen most of what she wrote, but she did share a few things that I hadn’t found, or read in her work yet. At least I will have things to put up about her children.

I have looked over my scarce information about Margaret, also. I hope that one of you may have something to share about Margaret’s life, a story, photo, or unique information found about her. If not, no worries because I know I will have interesting stories on her descendants as well!

And Back to Jemima’s Page

I noticed when I was typing Jemima’s page that I was explaining things even more indepth than I had previously. This is for the many ‘non-genealogist’ cousins. And, in particular, my sister, Michelle.

Long before I thought of creating a website, I talked with Michelle about possibly compiling a book on Abby’s ancestors. Michelle thought it was a good idea, but I had to ask her if she would read it. Her response is affecting how I am trying to create this site. She said that she wouldn’t be interested in reading a bunch of names and numbers. Yes, this is the basic info and is pretty much all that is up, but I am trying to include stories and historic events in with each of the families. Once I have all children posted, I am going to try to go back to add a bit more.

For instance, one thing that always jumps out at me about Jemima is her birth year of 1812. I swear that I never learned about the War of 1812 in school, but over the past year or so I have read up a bit after discovering that one of my paternal ancestors fought in the war in the Lincoln Militia from Lincoln County, Ontario. For my sister, and any other non-history people, the war of 1812 was a follow-up of the Revolutionary War between Britain and the United States. At the time, Canada was under Britain’s rule, so my paternal ancestor fought ‘on the wrong side’!

Next Update

I hope to have both Margaret and Mary completed for my next update, which could be tomorrow if things go smoothly. Knowing how my luck works, tho, the next update will most likely be Monday or Tuesday!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!