Too Many Thoughts Swimming Around!

I am so glad to hear that so many of you are enjoying the site. Even if you don’t want to be talkative on the blog, I am so very glad that some are taking the time to email me. Trust me, I most certainly understand. I am the most introverted person I’ve ever met! I can be perfectly happy in my own little world, with just an occasional visitor. However, when it comes to blogging, you have to realize that I have no idea if you are all enjoying this, or if this is a waste of my time, if you don’t let me know!

Seeing that some of you have signed up to receive the notifications most certainly helps. I am so happy, I actually have more people who have subscribed because they wanted to, and not because I stuck their email in there so I could play with the program!

Decisions to be made

As you can see, I am still playing a bit with this. I have jumped back to the beginning, and reviewed the options for having a blog. Wouldn’t you know that all of my frustration with this blog is because I picked the hardest one to use! Movable Type is for advanced users. I may be advanced in a lot of things, but not blogging, programming, scripts, or any of this other crazy stuff I’m trying to get straightened out!

I can already hear Mom, along with a few others, saying that there is nothing wrong with the blog. I’m doing wonderfully. Well, there are problems, and they are haunting my dreams! OK, not really quite that bad, but look right over there… To the right of this page (at least today!). Notice how each ‘area’ is a darker grey than the rest of the navigation bar? I know, except for that one that I added! The area where you enter your email to be notified of new happenings at Corel Cousins. It’s all the light grey. Why isn’t it dark like the rest? I certainly can’t figure it out.

I know, that is not a big deal to most of you. There’s more, tho! Do you see anything else wrong over there? Look at the titles for each of the sections. Do you see it? The first two are not the full width of the navigation area, but the rest are! I could really care less which way it is, but uniformity is very important. To me, these silly little problems just scream that I do not have a clue to what I am doing. Yes, I know I have already said that I don’t know what I am doing, but I don’t like to show it off!

I have made a major accomplishment, tho. I have added a section over there called Links where you can click on Corel Cousins and not have to use your back button! One victory down!

Oh Man…

OK, I wasn’t really much in the mood to mess with the website when I got home. Then, after dinner, I sat down and decided to just open the web page editing program. I was just looking around, not really ‘moving forward’ on the site, then I found it. The button that will check the entire site for broken links.

I guess I moved a bit fast. Some of the links got a bit ‘fried’ moving from page to page. So I moved a bit too fast and uploaded well before I should have. I even talked to my own mother after she saw the upgrade, and she didn’t even indicate that some of the links were messed up.

And such is life, I suppose.

And in closing…

I am, however, quite exited about my next updated page. I have already made the pages for Cosby Jane and Henry Highland. Next is James Pickens, my great-great-great grandfather, so I may be putting a little more into this update, but I think that even if this wasn’t my direct ancestor, I would be just as excited about what I have found to put on the site! I will try to have it uploaded tomorrow, just in time for Mom’s (Connie Bishop) birthday!