Mary Ester

John Puckett and Mary Cassell August the 19 day 1839

Mary Ester Corel and John Puckett

Mary Ester Corel was born April 7, 1818.

This image is taken from John Newton Harmon, Sr.’s 1922 Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia from 1800 to 1922 in two volumes, Volume 1, Chapter IV – Laws concerning marriage; Copy of marriage records from 1800 to 1852-3, Pages 111 – 112. If you click on the link, you will see the full pages that this snippet is from.

Mary Corel married John Puckett August 19, 1839. This above image is another example of how poorly the record keepers wrote, or of how poorly the transcribers copied. The fourth line reads: John Puckett and Mary Cassell August the 19 day of 1839.

About the time of William Corel’s death in 1851, Mary Corel and John Puckett brought their family west, first settling in Missouri, then in Kansas. The 1860 Census shows John ‘Bucket’, 42, living in Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas with his family, Polly (Mary) 42, Augustus 20, Emily 18, William 16, Henry 15, (Martha) Jane 14, Lewis 7, James 5, Alice 3, Cassandra six months.

John Puckett passed away prior to the 1870 Census. Mary Corel Puckett was most commonly known by the nickname ‘Pops’. In 1870 Mary lived near the Edwardsville Post Office, Shawnee Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas. Mary never remarried and died in her son-in-law’s (Joseph L. Norman) home in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri of bronchitis and old age on September 4, 1897. Clicking the link on the date will pop up a window and take you to Missouri’s Secretary of State site showing the detail of Mary’s death record.


  1. Augustus “Gus” was born about 1841 in Virginia.
  2. Emily M. was born July 5, 1842 in Virginia.
  3. William “Will” was born about 1844 in Virginia.
  4. Martha Jane was born September 16, 1846 in Virginia.
  5. Henry was born about 1851 in Virginia.
  6. Lewis “Lou” was born about 1852 in Missouri.
  7. James was born about 1855 in Missouri.
  8. Alice was born May 7, 1857 in Wyandotte County, Kansas.
  9. Cassandra “Cassie” was born about 1860 in Wyandotte County, Kansas.

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