Walter Mattingly and Descendants

Our Matney line begins with Walter Mattingly who was born about 1738 in St. Mary’s County or Prince George’s County, Maryland.  About 1770 Walter married a woman named Mary “Polly”.  Many possiblities are found for what her last name may have been:  Smith, Ratliff, Elswick, and White.  Some also believe that Walter’s wife may have been a Jemima Morris, however, I have not been able to find any evidence to support this theory.

Walter Mattingly served in the American Revolution with the Montgomery County, Virginia Militia as a soldier serving in Captain William Bobbetts Company.  On April 13, 1785, Walter Mattingly’s land was surveyed in Washington County, Virginia.  Walter was shown to have 134 acres in the Rich Valley.

Walter Mattingly fathered nine children, five boys and four girls:

  1. Brooks Matney was born about 1771, probably in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  December 23, 1794 Nicholas Reagan united in marriage Brooks Matney and “Jennit” (Janette, Janet, or Jane) Young, daughter of Daniel Young.
  2. Walter Matney, Jr. was born about 1772, probably in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  On September 11, 1800 William Wilson united in marriage Walter Matney and Charlotte “Charity” Young, daughter of Daniel Young.  Walter died December 23, 1862 in Buchanan County, Virginia.
  3. William Matney was born about 1777, probably in Montgomery County, Virginia.  About 1822 William married Sarah Yoakam.  William died July 14, 1854 in Jackson County, Missouri.
  4. John Matney was born about 1778, probably in Montgomery County, Virginia.
  5. Charles Matney was born about 1779, probably in Montgomery County, Virginia.
  6. Polly Matney was born about 1780, probably in Montgomery County, Virginia.  William Wilson presided over the marriage of Polly Matney and Archibald Buchanan on January 23, 1801 in Washington County, Virginia.
  7. Temperance Matney was born about 1782, probably in Montgomery County, Virginia.  Temperance married Samuel Bloomer on March 21, 1803 in Washington County, Virginia by William Wilson.
  8. Lydia Matney was born about 1783, probably in Montgomery County, Virginia.  Lydia married (1) John Owens about 1800.  She married (2) James F. Crabtree on December 23, 1858 in Smyth County, Virginia.  Lydia died July 3, 1860 in Tazewell County, Virginia.
  9. Jane Matney was born about 1787, probably in Washington County, Virginia.  On January 13, 1803 Jane married James Nickels in Washington County, Virginia by Nicholas Reagan.  Jane and James later divorced in 1839 in Scott County, Virginia.  Jane died November 9, 1865 in Pattonsville, Scott County, Virginia.

Walter Mattingly died on March 11, 1799 in Washington County, Virginia.  His wife is believed to have died shortly after.  Walter Matney, Jr. had possession of his father’s land for a short time, which he sold in 1803.

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