Jemima Corel was born January 12, 1812. Jemima is the first child of William Corel and Rebecca Oney.

Jemima Corel and David McGlothlin

Jemima Corel married David McGlothlin about 1835. The couple had six children by 1847. The family traveled with William Corel and Rebecca Oney to Missouri and established their home next door to Jemima’s parents.

Jemima Corel McGlothlin died at the age of 39 years, 5 months, and 1 day in the Town of Kansas, Jackson County, Missouri on June 13, 1851.


  1. Mary McGlothlin was born about 1838.
  2. Henry H. McGlothlin was born March 12, 1840 in Jeffersonville, Tazewell County, Virginia.
  3. Martha Jane McGlothlin was born about 1841.
  4. William McGlothlin was born about 1842.
  5. John McGlothlin was born about 1844. John is listed with the family on the 1850 census and with his father on the 1860 census, but is not found again.
  6. Shadrack McGlothlin was born April 14, 1847 in Virginia.

After Jemima’s death, David moved his children back to Johnson County, Kentucky. While there, he met a widow by the name of Melinda (Meek) Ward, whom he married on July 19, 1853. The Johnson County Kentucky Marriage book #1 shows her name as Belinda Ward.

On the 1860 census, David and “Malinda” McLaughlin are living in Johnson County, Kentucky with John and “Shadroch” McLaughlin and Melinda’s 23 year old son, Johnathan Ward. David and Melinda are not found again after the 1860 census.