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School Project

So I received a message this week that my 7-year-old nephew had a school project and needed to know an ancestor who had immigrated to the US.  I can bet that my sister did not expect me to give her a list of nearly 40 ancestors for her son dating back to the 1600s!  Once I had completed that little project, I was still feeling that genealogy itch, and since I’ve let my subscription to Ancestry.com expire, I decided to play with the website a bit.  I cancelled the subscription for multiple reasons, yes, it is quite expensive, but too many times when I start researching, my ADD kicks in and I get lost in the research I’m doing.  Without having that rabbit hole to jump down into, and this genealogy bug getting to me, I may actually get somewhere with this site (at least until the next squirrel comes along to distract me!).

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Puckett Family

In researching the Puckett family, I have really had a difficult time in being able to find any proof of anything other than three Puckett men have married three Corel sisters.  I have struggled with how to create this page.  I even did some ‘old fashioned’ research hoping that I might be able to get something to click.  Since I haven’t had that ‘aha’ moment, I will share what I have found in my digging.

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Honoring Corel Cousin Veterans

I have been struggling for the past week on how to post this list of Corel Cousins Veterans.  It may not be the prettiest list, but I am proud to say I am related to them all and I thank each and every one of them for their service to our country!

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