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What’s New Wednesday ~ Images!

As I mentioned Monday, in my mini-rant, I have begun adding images to the site.  I haven’t gotten very far yet, because I was seriously distracted yesterday by the “freebie” from World Vital Records!  I hope all of you other … Continue reading

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Madness Monday ~ Newly Found Frustration!

Over the weekend I decided to take a different look at the website here, and  I was disappointed to see that unless you pay to join, you cannot see all of the stuff that I am referencing as … Continue reading

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Update: Jemima M Corel Page Complete!

Yes, after two months and 52 revisions, I have FINALLY accepted the page for Jemima M Corel!  WordPress saves each revision, so you can go back if you need to.  Normally it just annoys me, because usually if I make … Continue reading

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Corel Cousins Starts Now

As an introduction for those of you new to this website, below you will find a description of the pages that are linked across the top and bottom of each page on this website.

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What’s New on Corel Cousins

I’ve been working away here on Corel Cousins and just realized that I hadn’t shared with you all what I’ve been doing and what new pages I have added! The last update blog post I did, I wrote about how … Continue reading

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