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What’s New Wednesday ~ Henry Highland Corel in Kansas City

I had started working on researching to write up a page for Jemima Morris Corel, daughter of Henry Highland Corel and Nancy Matney.  When working on this line, I had to refer to the writing of Jemima’s daughter, Agnes Salathiel … Continue reading

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Madness Monday of a Different Sort

For today’s Madness Monday I have decided to not search for an individual or a family, but see if any of my fellow genealogists can help me figure out a bit of a mystery! Before I have even wrapped things … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Henry Highland!

Today marks the 195th anniversary of the birth of Henry Highland Corel.  Henry was born on April 2, 18141 in Tazewell County, Virginia.  Henry was the second child and first son born to Rebecca Oney and William Corel. Henry Highland … Continue reading

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Rebecca Oney: An Inspiring Pioneer

Very little is actually known about Rebecca Oney, but what has been able to be pieced together by census records, land warrants, and the like makes me feel quite honored to call her my fourth great grandmother. Rebecca Oney was … Continue reading

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What’s New on Corel Cousins

I’ve been working away here on Corel Cousins and just realized that I hadn’t shared with you all what I’ve been doing and what new pages I have added! The last update blog post I did, I wrote about how … Continue reading

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