Long Overdue Update

I would first like to apologize to everyone that I have let the blog and my research slip to the bottom of my list of things to do!  But, I am back and I am expecting to be around a bit more often than I have for the past 6 months or so!

Many of you know that we moved from Kansas to Tampa in January, which has been the biggest source for my absence.  Additionally, I have had quite a few issues with my computer.  All should have been well in March when I got my laptop back, but within a couple of weeks, I had somehow corrupted my Windows so I then began working on getting the backup I had made the first time around back off my computer and onto my external hard drive.  Of course, after retrieving the back up the first time, I wanted to organize my files and wipe the external drive clean to start over.  Wouldn’t you know it that the external drive then decided to go kaput on me!  So, as I am typing this, things are moving a bit slow, because I now have the back up working on the external drive that Best Buy replaced the kaput drive with!  I have about 42 GB backed up out of a total 50+ GB, so hopefully by morning I can get back to repairing my Windows so I can install my genealogy software and start to get busy!

In addition to all of these computer issues, I have started a wonderful new job that I absolutely LOVE.  The one thing that I miss about my last job, though, is that I don’t have any time for personal research or a quick blog post while I am at work!  Not to mention that I am now working 2-3 hours longer than I did while working in Kansas, so by the time I get home, I’m pretty drained.  If I didn’t have this long weekend, I probably wouldn’t have tried to see if this time I could get the back up going right!!

Now for a few brief details about the stuff you all really care about – Corel Genealogy!
  • In January I was contacted by a Salathiel descendant!  He is descended through John Morgan Salathiel‘s sister and technically not a Corel Cousin, but it was so exciting anyways!
  • In early May/late April, I was contacted by a McGee and imagine my surprise to learn that he is descended through Henry Highland’s daughter Louisa who married Tom McGee!!  Thankfully I did have cousin Diane’s email address in my phone and I was able to hook the two of them up.  I haven’t been able to dig into the attachments yet, but I am pretty sure from the emails I’ve read, Diane has pretty much figured out the entire connection!  Now for why I am so very, very excited about this development: While working on the pages for Henry Highland’s children, I spent a week or two digging through every database I could think of to find where Lousia and Tom had gone after their marriage!  I had even tried following some of the details that Agnes Salathiel had left in her manuscript on the family history.
  • Now for the sad news – I’m pretty sure that those of you who haven’t heard for sure have figured out that the Corel-McGee family reunion has been canceled for this year.  :(  We were planning on still going through with it, but as most of the actual work would have fallen on my Grandma, and since she and Grandpa have had a pretty trying year, it was decided to wait until next year.  Plus, by then, all of us who have moved to Florida will have some vacation time so we will be able to be up there for more than a few hours before having to head South once again.

This is about all I have for now, but I should have more to share soon!  I’m hoping to have my computer all fixed up and loaded with my genealogy files by the time I go back to work on Tuesday, so I can get back to researching as my after work relaxation!!

As you go about your Memorial Day celebrations tomorrow, please take a moment to not only remember our ancestors who served our country, but also remember those who are valiantly fighting to protect our way of life today.  God Bless them all and keep them safe.

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