In Honor of Veteran’s Day

I would like to acknowledge our family members who have served in the military.

John McLaughlin Revolutionary War McGlothlin Descendants
Solomon Neidigh Revolutionary War McGee Descendants
Walter Matney/Mattingly Revolutionary War Henry Highland
Mary Ester
Giles Parman 1780s Indian Troubles Henry Highland
Justice Descendants
John Morgan Salathiel Pre-Civil War Henry Highland
James Pickens Corel Pre-Civil War James Pickens
George Parman Civil War Henry Highland
Willis Myers Civil War Henry Highland
Henry H McGlothlin Civil War Jemima
Shadrack McGlothlin Civil War Jemima
William McGlothlin Civil War Jemima
Henry Puckett Civil War Louisa
Henry Puckett Civil War Louisa
Joshua Jeremiah Puckett Civil War Louisa
Joshua Jeremiah Puckett Civil War Louisa
Joshua Puckett Civil War Margaret
Joseph Lafayette Norman Civil War Mary Ester
James Sellars Dobbins Civil War Nancy Maryland
Anson Anderson Pope Civil War Rebecca Ann
James P. McGlothlin Civil War Rebecca Ann
John C McGlothlin Civil War Rebecca Ann
Simon Lockhart Civil War Rebecca Ann
Thomas Brown Civil War Rebecca Ann
Samuel Blevins Civil War Mary Ester
Traber Norman Unknown Service Mary Ester
Thomas Stuart McGee WWI Olivia Gillespie
Glenn James Corel WWI James Pickens
Emmet Leroy Matney WWI Mary Ester
John Beasley Corel Between WWI & WWII James Pickens
Charles Wesley Corel Jr WWII James Pickens
Eugene William Corel WWII James Pickens
Glenn James Corel WWII James Pickens
Charles Raymond Matney WWII Mary Ester
Clarence Robert Matney WWII Mary Ester
Emmet Eugene Matney WWII Mary Ester
John E Winchell WWII Mary Ester
Ray B. Winchell WWII Mary Ester
Robert Emmett Matney WWII Mary Ester
Thomas Louis Bonville WWII Mary Ester

This list is by no means complete, but what I was able to come up with quickly today.  I would love to hear from all of you to identify missing Corel and Allied Family Veteran’s.

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