What’s New Wednesday ~ Images!

As I mentioned Monday, in my mini-rant, I have begun adding images to the site.  I haven’t gotten very far yet, because I was seriously distracted yesterday by the “freebie” from World Vital Records!  I hope all of you other genealogists out there have signed up for the free days!

Along the top and bottom of each page, you will notice that there is a new link in the navigation: Images.  Right now there are only three links that are ‘live’ on the page: 1820, 1830, and sources.  I’ve decided to split it up in this way, so that I can add more records later, if needed.  As I have been adding these census images, I have also been updating the William & Rebecca page, with links that will take you to the image thumbnail of the census I am discussing.

When you are on one of the thumbnail pages (so far only 1820 and 1830) when you click the image, a new window will open showing you a larger image.  I think most browsers are pretty much the same on this: you should be able to click on the large image to get it to 100% and then be able to scroll through the image.

This side project may take me a little bit to get all caught up, so please bear with me.  I have about 75 images of census records only that only cover William and Rebecca (Oney) Corel, Jemima Corel and David McGlothlin, Mary McGlothlin, Henry H. McGlothlin, Martha Jane McGlothlin, Shadrack McGlothlin, Henry Highland and Nancy Matney, Jemima M. Corel, and Julia Ann Corel.  I also have images showing war service, newspaper articles, birth and death records, pages from books, and marriage records!  I have also gathered some of the images for the Corel by Chance families.  On the bright side, this will give me some time while I wait for my latest request for inter library loan, on the Parman family.  I think that I will also try to do some preliminary research on the children of Mary Ester Corel Puckett, so I might be able to start moving a bit quicker.  Well, except for the next week – I have jury duty!  I’m hoping I won’t be selected, so I will be able to do my research, but I may very well be stuck without a computer next week!!  :P

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