Madness Monday ~ Newly Found Frustration!

Over the weekend I decided to take a different look at the website here, and  I was disappointed to see that unless you pay to join, you cannot see all of the stuff that I am referencing as I am documenting my research!

After weighing the options on how to resolve this issue, I have decided that I am going to create an Image Library, fully documented with source information, but not the web address of the page I found the information.  On items that are just in a database, with no images to reference, I will take a “snapshot” of the web page with the pertinent info.

I’m not completely sure of just how I am going to do this Image Library.  Rather than trying to create a library for each individual, I think it might be easier to have different sections, such as: Census, Books, Marriage Records, Birth Records, Death Records, Grave Markers, People, Places, and Misc.

I was wanting to do something similar to this on the site, to include photos and such in a centralized location, but I wasn’t planning on working on it right away.  For now, so that I can get everything up and loaded, I will just enter the images in their appropriate section.  I am thinking I will create a simple page that will have thumbnails linking to the full sized images, without a lot of details about the images.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on this, please let me know! :)

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