What’s New Wednesday ~ Julia Ann Corel page complete!

I have just completed the page for Julia Ann Corel, daughter of Henry Highland Corel and Nancy Matney.  The most captivating part of this page, in my opinion, is the detail I found on the company that Willis Myers served with during the Civil War.  For those of you who are equally fascinated by the Civil War, I encourage you to read the narrative of Albert R. Greene, “What I saw of the Quantrill Raid” on Google Books starting on page 430.  The passage is about 10 pages long, but very fascinating!

My next project will be to update Henry Highland’s page with the few details I have about daughters Margaret and Louisa.  Then I will likely create another Corels by Chance page for the Parman family, as the Parman’s are related through Cosby Jane Corel’s line (Rachel Parman is the maternal grandmother of William Justice.) and Rebecca Elizabeth Corel’s line (Rebecca is the youngest daughter of Henry Highland, she married Giles Gilbert Parman, son of George Parman and Lydia Myers.  Lydia is the sister of Willis Myers who married Julia Ann Corel.).  Rachel Parman is an aunt of George Parman and great aunt of Giles Gilbert Parman.

After showing the Parman family, I will do the page for Rebecca Elizabeth Corel that will complete the children of Henry Highland Corel and have me ready to start working on the children of Mary Ester Corel and John Puckett.

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