Update: Jemima M Corel Page Complete!

Yes, after two months and 52 revisions, I have FINALLY accepted the page for Jemima M Corel!  WordPress saves each revision, so you can go back if you need to.  Normally it just annoys me, because usually if I make a change, it’s because I wanted it!  Today I looked at the Page Revisions section to see just when I started working on this page (May 7, 2009), and how many revisions there were.  I know that if I tried, I could add even more to this page, but it was getting rather difficult to get through.  The history of John Morgan Salathiel was so interesting that I really got a bit caught up in his story, which you will see.

The next page will be Julia Ann Corel Myers.  I know that there is quite a bit of info out there on the Myers family, but I’m hoping I will not get quite as caught up as I did with the Salathiel’s!

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