What’s New Wednesday ~ Just a Quickie!

I’ve been working on Jemima Morris Corel – as I’ve said many times now.  Why it takes me so long to write up a page about a woman that I have seen so much written about is beyond me.  OK, maybe not so much about her, but her husband and at least one of her sons.

So I started working this morning, in hopes that I could just get it wrapped up today and that would be our What’s New for this week, but LOL (Laughing Out Loud, for those of you who may not know what LOL means), as is typical for me, I got side tracked….

Today it was just looking into a bit of history about Jemima’s husband, John Morgan Salathiel.  I can accept that he was born in 1836, but whenever there is an exact date, I try to find something to back it up.  Well, of course I didn’t, but I did find that there is no way that he was born in Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio.  At least, officially, because Ironton didn’t exist until 1851!  Ah the little things…  So, as I was looking around, I was referring to the write up on Jemima & John’s son, Thomas Sherman Salathiel in the third volume of The Standard History of Kansas and Kansans from 1918.  It has a few details about John Morgan Salathiel’s father, Morgan Salathiel, and of course, I got curious!

I’ve not been able to find the Salathiel’s in the 1840 census.  There is only one Salathiel (at least on Ancestry.com) in all of the US on the 1840 census.  I even reviewed most of the townships (probably the wrong ones) of Lawrence County, Ohio, but there was just nothing.  I did find John and his mother in Cincinnati in 1850 and then they were in Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas in 1860, living next door to John’s sister.  This disproves the fact I’ve seen stated around in a few places that Jemima and John were married in 1858 or 1859.  My notes, probably taken by my Mom when she was researching while I was still in high school, shows that there was an announcement of some kind in the Lawrence Republican in November 1861 and that Jemima’s name was spelled “Correll”.  So one of the things I tried to do today was to request that my local library do an interlibrary loan of the microfilm for the Lawrence Republican.  I was also hoping that if I looked at the previous year, I might be able to find something about Rebecca Oney Corel’s death.  Well, no such luck there, either!  I cannot request the microfilm, I have to request a specific article.  GAH!  So frustrating.

So, I went back to looking for more on John’s parents.  All the census records say that they were from Wales.  Why is it that everything has to be so difficult and so much more expensive when looking for stuff in the UK?  I could access all these neat, free digital copies from the Wales Library, but I have to sign up for a reader ticket in person, have two forms of ID, and have a Wales postcode!  :P

So, I broke down and started looking at the other options.  I think that if I can ever get organized enough, I may try out Origins for their 72 hour subscription.  But, I will have to be much more prepared than I am right now (I would want to do some McGee research, too!), and I’d need to make sure I wouldn’t have to work for the 72 hours, plus probably the 48 hours after, and I would need lots of coffee!  If I’m going to do a short subscription like that, I want to make sure I get my money’s worth!  ;)

So, my quickie is a bit longer, because I rambled, but basically, I still got nothing!  I’m still searching and researching and life is still a bit hectic, but I am working.  I think that I might just go with the basic facts that I have on Jemima and just write it up and be done with it.  I hate being stuck on one person for so long.  But, I have found yet another descendant of Jemima & John’s in my searching.  I sent a message through Ancestry.com – it looks like she had just started and hadn’t found anything beyond her grandfather, Charles Salathiel.  She knew he was born in Independence, but thought it was Independence, Missouri.  So, hopefully I will hear from her soon!

I’ve gotta wrap this up – I may have already missed the cut off time for those who get this emailed and it may be a What’s New Thursday for them!!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT summer and those of you in the Midwest are staying cool! :)

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