What’s New Wednesday ~ Not Much on Corel’s

I have not gotten anything accomplished this week.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks both at work and home.  We are also getting ready for Relay-For-Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, this Friday night.  Then Sunday we have Grandpa’s 80th birthday!  The following week we are having family photos taken and then, my sister Michelle is due with her second child a couple of weeks after that.

Another issue has been my inability to concentrate much as well.  I have gotten some emails from my husband’s line and some new photos of his great grandparents!  It is so very exciting to be able to give this to my husband, who didn’t even know the names of his grandparents when I started researching!

Since I haven’t been able to get much up on the website in general, I will be participating in this month’s Smile for the Camera, so be looking for that post this week!

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