What’s New Wednesday ~ Sarah Jane Corel

I completed another page the other day.  This one is for the oldest child of Henry Highland Corel and Nancy Matney, Sarah Jane Corel.  Sadly, there isn’t really a great deal on this page, but I did think that since I had found some possibilities, it might be good to throw them out there.  Who knows who might be able to make a connection or prove that there is no connection.

I’m moving a bit slowly, and for that I apologize.  I seem to have that common genealogist attention deficit disorder!  (For those of you who don’t know, the truly funny part is that I do have ADD and even with meds, staying on track when researching is next to impossible!)  I start out with the very best of intentions, then something will catch my eye that will have me looking at other lines and not the one I need to be working on!  At least I am still getting some things done tho, right?  :)   I just looked back and I am proud to say that since the 20th of January (when I returned to working on this site) through this week, there has only been one week where I did not make a blog post.  Several weeks I’ve had more than one post, so I guess that it is good that I’m at least sticking to it!

I’ve been gathering information on the Salathiel line, which is the line of Henry Highland’s third child, Jemima Morris Corel who married John Morgan Salathiel.  I have found some recent obituaries from this line, as well, through Jemima and John’s son Charles who moved to Oklahoma.  I have tried to reach out to one descendant from this line, but have not yet heard back anything.  This descendant didn’t have anything further back than Charles’ son Clarence.  Perhaps he was a bit overwhelmed by how much I was able to offer! ;)

Well, that is all that is going on this week.  I hope that everyone is enjoying the first week of June!

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