What’s New Wednesday ~ Wm McGlothlin & 45th Ky Mounted Infantry

It took me a bit longer than I had hoped, but I did get a page completed for Jemima Corel & David McGlothlin’s son William McGlothlin that shares the details of the 45th Kentucky Mounted Infantry during the time that both William and Shadrack served.  It was very interesting learning about some of the goings-on during the Civil War.  I was very sad when I learned of the Saltville Massacre, although there is conflicting viewpoints on the number of men actually killed, that they were killed in such a ruthless manner is very sad no matter how many were involved.

This has me at the end of the children of Jemima Corel & David McGlothlin, since I still haven’t found anything on their son, John beyond the 1860 census.  I haven’t received dates and all from our newly found cousin on this line, so I am going to wait on doing the grandchildren of Jemima and move on to Henry Highland’s children.  I have done some preliminary research on this line, and aside from Jemima Morris Corel, I think this line will make me want to pull out hair, as well!  ;)

Over the holiday weekend I spent some time with Mom and Grandma and got some scans of more photos.  I had a great time and learned more about my family’s history!

I know this isn’t much for What’s New, but it’s all I have!  Researching the 45th Kentucky Infantry was very time consuming.  There isn’t a lot out there on this regiment.

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