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By now you have noticed that I’m doing this whole Tombstone Tuesday thing and I take part in Madness Monday on occasion.  Other bloggers often do a Wordless Wednesday, but I’ve never really gotten into that, especially here on my genealogy blog because if I’m going to post a random photo, I think I should share as much as I can about it!  So, I’ve been playing with the idea of “What’s New Wednesday” for about a month, and this week I really have alot to share, so I’ve decided to go ahead and kick it off!  As other GeneaBloggers read this sometimes, I’d like to invite you to share your new findings on with What’s New Wednesday as well!  Oh yes, and before I am asked, a ‘meme’ in blogging terms is just a standard topic that is repeated.  Those notes that some of us do on Facebook would be considered memes, just as the different blog topics such as Tombstone Tuesday are considered memes.

Last time I shared what was going on, I told you all that I had finished the page for James Joseph McGhee and Mary Ann Neidigh and that I would begin working on the grandchildren of William and Rebecca.  The logical place to start was with the oldest child, Jemima Corel McGlothlin.

Ever since I have started working on researching our Corel family, Jemima has been the most difficult.  She died so early that there are very few records of her.  David McGlothlin moving the family back to Kentucky kept her children from being as connected with the Corel family as the other descendants were during the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Her son, Henry H. did come back to Kansas and lived with Rebecca Oney Corel, but he had no children.  His brother Shade later came to Kansas and settled near his brother in Linn County, Kansas and Corel Cousin Bobby Dobbins Title has done tremendous research on both brothers.  Jemima’s other two sons seem to ‘fall of the face of the Earth’, which most likely means that they died fairly young and probably without any children of their own.  So, that left me with researching on Jemima’s daughters.

Mary McGlothlin appears to have died fairly young herself.  She had two young sons, but after her husband remarried, I cannot find the boys.  I then began looking into Martha Jane McGlothlin.  A while back, I had seen some posts from one descendant of Martha Jane’s, but after several attempts to contact her, I have had no luck.  So, I started my research on the children of Martha Jane once more.  Martha is easier to track than her sister, because she had married twice and she had children from both marriages.  It has been a bit tricky to track down her son from her second marriage, as apparently there were several Charlie Pack’s living in Kentucky in the early 1900s.  So, I looked back at her first marriage and her children from that union.

The Kentucky records that are on Ancestry.com are spotty.  If you are lucky enough to have the right year, you can find a wealth of information.  If you are not so lucky, good luck in finding anything!  Luckily, the two oldest children of Martha Jane were born in the right years!  Henry Jefferson and Charles Johnson Spence are two children of Martha Jane that I have been able to trace.  It became much easier once I definitely ruled out the Samuel Jefferson that some people have connected to Martha Jane McGlothlin!  With census records and a grandson who died in a good year in Kentucky, I have also been able to partially piece together a third son, David Spence.

By then turning to Google to see what else I may be able to find, I found a wonderful conversation between two descendants of Henry Jefferson Spence.  Both posted emails in their forum posts, so I quickly emailed them both, hoping that at least one email would still be a good email.  Later that night, I was so very pleased when I heard back from a newly found Corel Cousin, Jan!

Jan’s husband, Mike, is our connection to Jemima Corel.  Henry Jefferson Spence married Mary Anna Ratliff in 1884.  Any of you who have researched on the families in Tazewell County, Virginia will certainly recognize the Ratliff name.  What I find to be most amusing is that Mary Anna’s father, Robert Ratliff, is the son of Mary J. “Polly” McGlothlin and Richard Ratliff, and a grandson of none other than Judith Leathers and John McLaughlin!   This makes the descendants of Henry Jefferson Spence and Mary Anna Ratliff their own cousins – most likely, if we could only prove that David McGlothlin was a child of Judith and John.

Henry Jefferson Spence and Mary Anna Ratliff had several children, including Archie who married Ruth Scantlin.  Ruth and Archie Spence had six children of their own, including cousin Mike’s mother (who is still living!). What makes this new find even more exciting is that our newly found cousins live in Lawrence, Kansas!

I do not have exact dates and such on all of the descendants of Henry Jefferson Spence, but I am hoping to exchange GEDCOM files with Jan soon.  As soon as I do, I will email each of the Corel family genealogists so we can all update our files!

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