Happy Birthday Henry Highland!

Today marks the 195th anniversary of the birth of Henry Highland Corel.  Henry was born on April 2, 18141 in Tazewell County, Virginia.  Henry was the second child and first son born to Rebecca Oney and William Corel.

Henry Highland Corel married Nancy Matney on August 2, 1938 in Tazewell County, Virginia2.  Nancy and Henry would have seven documented children3, the first six were born in Tazewell County, Virginia.  Their seventh child was born while they were living in Jackson County, Missouri.

By January 1855 Henry is listed as a voter in District 1 of the Kansas Territory, the census shows Nancy and their seven minor children living with him4.  Henry Highland Corel died on May 15, 1855, family legend says the cause was a measles epidemic.  Not long after, perhaps in October, his wife and son, Nancy and William, suffered the same fate from their battle with measles.  Even if the cause is not accurate, the History of Montgomery County, Kansas does relate that Henry “and his wife died early, thus orphaning a family of eight young children5.”  Henry, Nancy, and their son William were all buried at the Pioneer Cemetery at Mount Oread.  After 1865 when Oak Hill Cemetery opened, they were among the Corel family members moved from the Pioneer Cemetery to Oak Hill.

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