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Monday Madness ~ McGhee/McGee Madness

I’m still struggling with those darn McGhee/McGee ancestors of mine!

In doing the regular census search for James Joseph McGhee, I have found a James McGhee and a Thomas McGhee in Bellefonte, Centre County, Pennsylvania in 1820. The funny thing is, this is not my James or Thomas McGhee. This James is shown with three males under 10, two males 18 – 26, and one male 26 – 45. There is also one female 26 – 45. Thomas shows one male 26 – 45, one female under 10, and one female 16 – 26. I have searched enough to find out just who this James McGhee is, but I am not able to say one way or another if he is related to my McGhee’s.

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Madness Monday of a Different Sort

For today’s Madness Monday I have decided to not search for an individual or a family, but see if any of my fellow genealogists can help me figure out a bit of a mystery! Before I have even wrapped things up here, I think I have solved my own mystery!

I have a brief manuscript written by Agnes Salathiel Hall, granddaughter of Henry Highland Corel, that details her family history. It is a wonderful piece of history, but some information is a bit warped, and some appears to be downright wrong. That alone should keep me from looking to verify anything she has written, but there is a strange occurrence in 1855, and it may not be as Agnes details, but there must be something!

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Happy Birthday Henry Highland!

Today marks the 195th anniversary of the birth of Henry Highland Corel. Henry was born on April 2, 1814 in Tazewell County, Virginia. Henry was the second child and first son born to Rebecca Oney and William Corel.

Henry Highland Corel married Nancy Matney on August 2, 1938 in Tazewell County, Virginia. Nancy and Henry would have seven documented children, the first six were born in Tazewell County, Virginia. Their seventh child was born while they were living in Jackson County, Missouri.

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