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Tombstone Tuesday – Cosby Jane Corel and William Justice

This week’s Tombstone Tuesday is in honor of the 179th anniversary of the birth of Cosby Jane Corel Justice. Jane, as she often went by, was born on March 17, 1830 in Tazewell County, Virginia.  She was the oldest unwed … Continue reading

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Brothers and Sisters ~ Smile For The Camera

For the 11th Edition of Anyone who knows me knows that I am incapable of making decisions and narrowing things down! So, for my first participation in the Smile for the Camera carnival, I have selected eight photos of brothers … Continue reading

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Tombstone Tuesday – Charles E. and Eugenia E. “Jennie” Corel Engle

I personally know very little of Jennie and Charles Engle, but it was a name I grew up hearing.  I have chosen to show their story today because of what I found a couple of years ago when going through … Continue reading

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Rebecca Oney: An Inspiring Pioneer

Very little is actually known about Rebecca Oney, but what has been able to be pieced together by census records, land warrants, and the like makes me feel quite honored to call her my fourth great grandmother. Rebecca Oney was … Continue reading

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What’s New on Corel Cousins

I’ve been working away here on Corel Cousins and just realized that I hadn’t shared with you all what I’ve been doing and what new pages I have added! The last update blog post I did, I wrote about how … Continue reading

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