Daily Archives: March 4, 2009

What’s New on Corel Cousins

I’ve been working away here on Corel Cousins and just realized that I hadn’t shared with you all what I’ve been doing and what new pages I have added!

The last update blog post I did, I wrote about how I did not think that Robert Emmitt McGlothlin was a child of Judith Leathers and John McLaughlin. Cousin by marriage, Teresa Klaiber, shared some information with me, as well as some conversations she had with her mother-in-law, and now I believe that Robert Emmitt McGlothlin must have at least been raised by Judith Leathers and John McLaughlin. On the McGlothlin page, I share the reasons why I do not think that Judith Leathers is the mother of Robert Emmitt McGlothlin, but since I do believe that she played a part in his life, I also have a link to the information I found on Judith Leathers and John McLaughlin (found here and on the McGlothlin page under Corels by Chance) and what is believed to be their descendants.

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