Navigation is Now Clean!

YAY!!  I have cleaned up the navigation of the site.  Across the top are just a few main pages and in the sidebar you will find links for each of the children (who had descendants).  I will probably move the ‘Union’ page and just have a link to it from William & Rebecca’s page.  I think I will be adding photos as blog posts rather than individual pages.  That way, I can do them as I go along, and be able to tag them to the children that are represented with the ‘categories’ that are also found in the side bar.

Although I haven’t been very present here on the site, I have definitely been digging into genealogy by contacting distant cousins that I’m finding on  I’m hoping that they will share their lines with us all and I have invited each of them to the family reunion.

I am also being very mindful of not losing track of the original ideas we had (that can still be found by going to  I think that the next thing I will work on is a contact page with all of the researchers listed as they were on the original site.

As it was before, if anyone has any ideas, or thoughts about what I’m planning or what you’ve seen or would like to see, please, PLEASE leave a comment or drop me an email!

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